consists of experts who have years of experience in the military Airsoft game industry.
    Based on their expertise in a variety of fields and plenty of hands-on and on-site experience,
    GUNPOWER Corp.,leads the leisure sports industry for functionality and special organizations.
    GUNPOWER Corp. has intensively invested in the research and development of military
    Airsoft to provide Airsoft products that are differentiated from the existing ones from both domestic and overseas markets.
    As such, the company is able to secure powerful competitiveness. Instead of settling for
    mere development, GUNPOWER Corp., continues to invest on the research and development for
    various ideas, designs, and technical patents, etc., with an aim for continuous improvement.
    GPR System is an optimized digital product for cutting-edge CQB (Close Quarter Battle) and
    MOUT (Military Operations in Urban Terrain) that can be operated in any area such as hobby,
    leiports (i.e., a South Korean concept that combines leisure and sports),
    enterprise products, training of special organizations, etc.,
    where the 6-mm BB bullets of AirGun and IR-LED are used. The GPR system,
    a cutting-edge product, is a virtua l war simulation that creates a realistic
    FPS (first-person shooter) battle game, which has been highly praised by
    those who have gone through its trials as well as the audience.